Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mom Manual

A very good friend of mine and I always joke around that our kids didn’t come with Manuals and if they did how our jobs of being a mom would be so much easier. Our tagline could seriously be “add it to the mom manual”

It’s always nice to have people with children that you are close enough with you can bounce idea off or share stories. I mean let’s be honest here .. you don’t necessarily want to call just ANYONE when your 13 month old takes a nose dive off the couch. Only a close mom would understand that YES you were RIGHT THERE and YES he really DID trick you by creating a diversion and handing you his Itcy Bitsy Spider book.

Now granted, the Mom Manual would need to have various editions. There would be the Mom Manual- Conservative Edition; Mom Manual- Liberal Edition; Mom Manual for the Young Mom; Mom Manual for the Late in Life Mom; Mom Manual- the Progressive Edition and the Original Mom Manual.

These manuals would be handed out with your release papers from the hospital. That little form they make you sign that basically says “the nurse talked to me and told me what I need to do to keep my baby alive” would have a box at the bottom that says “CHECK HERE IF YOU HAVE RECEIVED YOUR MOM MANUAL”

It’s a genius idea. In my very short experience thus far of being a mom, I myself can write an entire Section on the “Eating”. That was such an overwhelming process. I’ll have to write a post on it. Coming soon!

What would you include in your Mom Manual??

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Walking Baby

There have been so many “firsts” and none (to date) have been as exciting (and tiring) as when my monkey boy learned to walk. He had been trying to stand since he was just a few months old. There were plenty of times months later when he would let go and try to take off, but gravity would take over and the end result would be a baby belly down. Everyone said “he’ll walk soon.. he’ll walk soon” But as I did with MOST of the things people said about his progress.. I ignored it.

Now… my little man wasn’t an anomaly and walking at 3 months. In fact, I think he was pretty average being that he started walking a week before his 1st birthday. But to me .. I was jiped. My baby is growing way to fast. I love to see him grow and learn things but I’m not one of those moms rushing everything. I am trying to indulge and enjoy every single second of every single stage. Plus he went from doing the wobbly Frankenstein walk- arms straight out bobbing from side to side, to a fast steadied bobble that is fueled with an angelic laughter. I guess I’m just not ready.

We had his 1st birthday party the day he turned 1. He was very wobbly but managing to make his way through the rugged terrain of our backyard with a few falls here and there. Just FOUR (that’s right .. 1..2..3..4) days later he was “off” with minimal falls.

At 14 months, he picked up even more speed and an even louder laughter! My husband and I became the infamous “no throw” goalies following him around and making sure all those potential dangerous items aren’t thrown onto the hardwood floors.

Then at 17 months, its faster than ever and hitting corners. When you say things like "do you want to take a bath" you can expect him to a loud "yahhhhhh" as his feet hit the floor and he flies down the hallway.

Ahh.. another item for my Mom Manual.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Dirty Clothes? Clean them up!

If you have a baby, or big kid, or messy husband.. stains are your worst enemy. AND if you happen to buy adorable clothes for your baby, big kid, or messy husband you are like me and cringe when you see that sauce stain, spot of mustard, or smear of chocolate. Reality is .. people eat, kids are kids, and clothes get worn. I am always on the look out for the next great detergent that hones in on the stain fighter.

I've NEVER been one to wash my clothes in anything but warm water. To me, cold is just not clean. So when I heard about the Tide Coldwater, I thought .. ehh not for me. But then I tried it and ...WOW!!! It washed my clothes just as good (if not better) than when I use my regular Tide with warm water AND its saves on energy (you're not using hot water) therefore saving on electricity and ultimately making the world a little greener.

Check out my video and see for yourself! My monkey boy does not get through a day without a clean meal, yet after using my Tide Coldwater his pjs were just as clean (and WHITE) as ever!!

Disclosure* I received compensation and a free Tide Product to write this review*

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Starting My Blog Back Up !

Unless you are Mohammad Ali or Michael Jordan, its pretty hard to make an infamous return. But for whats its worth- I started my blog back up!The last few blogs before my departure into labor, delivery, and life with an infant ended on a high with some awesome product reviews andthe excitement and anticipation of a new baby. Well here I am 8 months after my intense yet doable delivery with dozens of sleepless nights under my belt, a new job, and a new outlook on life. I hope theBeamerBuzz gives you everything you hoped for and more! Here’s to the next Chapter!

Say hello to my little monkey boy!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The "Must Haves"

There are so many little devices and “must haves” for a person that spent the first 10 months of its life in a small confined area with no decorations or festive material. On our adventures of registering we decided, like many others, there were certain “must haves” our little guy just needed to have. You know- the car seat (obviously), stroller, swing, bouncy seat, etc. My biggest question with all of these nifty devices was how they would really be able to accommodate a newborn baby. We’ve heard there are certain things- like the swing- that are absolute “must haves” but how could the swing seat that comfortably fits a 4 month old (probably weighing over 12 pounds) also fit a newborn baby weighing in at 7 or 8 pounds. Lucky for me the infant positioner, Snuggin Go also thought of that.

All I could picture was the two week old baby with his head flopped to the side sitting in the swing…. in a position that looks so uncomfortable, your neck immediately gets a kink in it. Since I still have a a little bit of time before my bundle of joy is scheduled to arrive, my friend was gracious enough to let us test out the Snuggin Go with her newborn (aka baby V) and see if it really helped at all.

We tested in the swing, the bouncy, and the car seat. In each instance Baby V looked as snug as a bug and didn’t have that painfully “help me” look. Its super easy to set up .. simply place the Snuggin Go in the device and gently plop baby on top. There is a square section on top for baby’s head to stay propped up. Best of all its still roomy enough where it doesn’t look like you have your newborn in a vice. I will admit- Baby V is a naturally happy baby to begin with, however I’m sure he was quite pleased with the quality of the soft fabric around his body.

Baby B will definitely be utilizing the Snuggin Go as he embarks in the wonderful world of swings, bouncies, and car seats. While I didn’t try with my friend’s borrowed newborn, I will also attempt to see how the Snuggin Go does on a Boppy too. Stay tuned !!!

Some info on Snuggin Go:

- Can help prevent life threatening airway complications in infants

- Crash safety tested using the government's car safety standard

- Is considered a SIDS reducing product

DISCLOSURE: This item was sent to me for review.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Future Music Lover in the Making ...

With all the "new age" baby stuff that is on the market now, its hard not to want to try everything- especially the different devices to stimulate your baby in the womb. My little man seems to LOVE music.. and by love I mean practice breakdancing in my uterus.

I was out to dinner with my mom and aunt when the music started blaring, as soon as the thumps kicked in from the bass, the baby immediately reacted. He was moving around so much that my aunt was able to feel him for the first time. There have been many other instance here and there where the music has been blasting and it instantaneously jump started the baby to "bust a move" which is why as soon as I heard about the Bellybuds, I wanted in.

Bellybuds are wearable speakers (bellyphones) that can be plugged right into my ipod (or any mp3 player). The best part is the Bellybuds come with a device that allows me to plug in my earphones in too... so baby and I can listen to music at the same time. The speakers have a hydrogel adhesive that sticks right to my belly. I prefer to use the speakers right on my belly, but you can definitely attach them over your clothes. There are 2 cords, you use 1 if you just want baby to hear and you use the second one if you would also like to listen. Set up takes about 10 seconds and is SOOOO easy!

While many moms-to-be talk about playing Beethoven and Mozart, I'm more of a contemporary-- we'll say "hip" mom-- and would much rather have a little Dave Matthews Band, Pink, Rascal Flatts, Sons of Leon, etc. Yes my baby boy rocks out to Guns N' Roses and will be able to recognize The Beatles songs at birth. I'm a firm believer in music diversity and I'm able to pass along my passion for music before he is even here with these Bellybuds!!

BEST PART !!! As you all know, my in-laws live about 15 hours away and my sister is away at college (needless to say, not hangin' home unless she's on break). With this nifty little device, anyone can record a message and send it to me, then I upload into my ipod and play the message for the baby! Its like they are right here with him and I'm sure he will be able to recognize their voices even though they aren't talking to me everyday.

I'm traveling for business and will be away from my husband for a few days, which is such a bummer. This trip we were able to record his voice and upload it so while I'm sitting in my hotel room (or on the plane) we can still hear his voice!! They came with a cute little pouch that easily stores the buds on their "dock". I would definitely recommend anyone who is a big music lover OR has relatives out of state to test these puppies out!

Some info from Bellybuds:
- A stylish and convenient way to bond with your baby in utero, while at home or on the go

-Bellybuds have a fixed, maximum sound level strong enough to penetrate to the womb. They reach the baby at a decibel level roughly equivalent to a casual conversation and lower than a mother's heartbeat.

- Easily stored in the included "dock" and placed in the accompanying pouch for portability and safe keeping.

- The bellybuds bellyphones Deluxe Pack is an excellent pregnancy or baby shower gift and is available for suggested retail price of $49.99

Disclosure: This item was sent to me for review